Buyers demand relevant and trusted content at various stages in their buying process. No independent IT industry analyst brand is more trusted than IDC. Below is an overview of IDC Web rights and licensed content options.

To learn more or purchase any of the following services, please visit our contact form or call IDC Go-to-Market Services at +1.508.988.6710.

Web Rights and Reprints
License original, independently authored, IDC-branded documents for distribution on your Web site or for print distribution at upcoming conferences, trade shows, and client meetings.

Custom Content
Add IDC-branded content to your marketing assets mix. Our editorial team can pull excerpts from published content or create new content in a wide variety of formats to suit your specific need(s).

Bring your IDC-licensed content to life in IDC-branded players via turnkey Webcasts, podcasts, and full multimedia offers and services.

Feature a senior IDC analyst as a keynote presenter, facilitator, or panelist at your next event. IDC analysts also deliver real-time, onsite value at internal strategy, marketing, and sales meetings.

Translation and Local Language Services
Feature IDC-branded content and speakers in any country and language. With analysts in over 90 countries, IDC not only offers translation services and context review, but also provides local language speakers in most desired countries.

Independence is the Key

The opinion, analysis, and research results presented within IDC Go-to-Market Services deliverables are drawn from research and analysis independently conducted and published by IDC, unless otherwise and explicitly noted. This ongoing commitment to independent and reliable research makes IDC one of the most sought-after sources of IT industry intelligence and advice.

Contact IDC

If you are interested in purchasing research reports, go-to-market services, or other IDC services or have a question about our research please visit our contact form. Alternatively you can reach the IDC Go-to-Market Services team by telephone at +1.508.988.6710.

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