IDC’s “Future of X” Practices

Defining Future Enterprise Strategies by Connecting Technology to Business Outcomes

The Rise of the Digital Economy and the New CEO Agenda

The digital economy is quickly advancing, and recent pandemic disruption has only served to further increase the urgency of addressing digital transformation requirements across all businesses and industries.

Soon, most CEOs will be running companies that look more digital than physical. And, that means their plans are built around new, reprioritized agendas with key areas of focus that include:

  • Addressing new customer requirements
  • Developing new capabilities
  • Building new, cloud-centric digital IT infrastructures that support resilient operations and pervasive experiences

Technology suppliers must also adapt as they position their solutions and work with customers to help address these new priorities and buying requirements.

Charting the Course
to the Future Enterprise

IDC’s global research teams provide expert guidance for business leaders and tech suppliers on the digital transformation trends, requirements, and business goals driving the new CEO agenda. With its “Future of” (FoX) research practices, IDC is providing critical context by connecting traditional technology market perspectives with a sharp focus on business outcomes.

The nine FoX practices are global, cross-functional, and organized as virtual teams, bringing together IDC research disciplines and analysts.

Future of


Create pervasive and seamlessly connected experiences

Future of

Digital Innovation

Deliver innovative services and experiences at scale

Future of


Develop resilient decision-making and unify operational data streams

Future of

Customers and Consumers

Strengthen customer loyalty through empathy at scale

Future of

Industry Ecosystems

Build open, agile and scalable ecosystems that encourage innovation

Future of


Mitigate risk, create value and engender trust with customers

Future of

Digital Infrastructure

Ensure ever faster delivery of reliable digital services and experiences

Future of


Build intelligent organizations based on evidence-based cultures

Future of


Create dynamic work models that promote agility, flexibility and intelligence

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