IDC Sourcing Advisory Services

IDC's Sourcing Advisory Services provides you with the industry's most-recognized price benchmarks, analyst advice and IT optimization insight.

Save millions of dollars on IT investments

IDC Benchmarks over $250 Billion of IT Hardware, Software and Service on an Annual Basis

IT Deal Review

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Document Savings to Stakeholders

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Tech Evaluation, RFP Support & Contract Negotiation

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Agile Sourcing: Strategic Alignment with IT and LOB

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IT Asset Optimization

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Audit Review and Defense

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Meet the Team

IDC analysts are a strategic partner, offering critical insight to help with growing your global business initiatives.

Brian E. Clarke

Group Vice President, Pricing Evaluation and Sourcing Advisory Services

Teodora Lowenstein

Senior Research Analyst

Chris Murphy

Program Vice President, Sourcing Advisory Services

Aaron Polikaitis

Vice President of Research, Vendor Sourcing and Management

Eileen Smith

Program Vice President, Customer Insights & Analysis

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